Balboa residential weekend in Bournemouth

Schedule & Levels

Two full days of workshops taught by top international teachers. 

Workshop Level Descriptions

Intermediate and above  

These classes will be geared towards dancers confident in intermediate and above level workshops. You will need to have danced Balboa regularly for at least 2 years, and be able to confidently lead/follow a wide range of moves on the social dance floor, including throw outs from many different positions, out and ins, lollies, swivels, Texas Tommy. You should be comfortable social dancing to a wide range of tempos, adding spice with your own variations....

Intermediate and above with ELEF

Same level as above, this stream will include 2-3 hours of ELEF (Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows), exploring technique and shapes from both the lead and follow roles. These classes are aimed at people who normally dance just one role, adding another dimension to your dancing. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of the dance, as well as improve your technique (in both roles). Our teachers will ensure that you have a huge amount of fun throughout.

"Improvers/Fundamentals" stream...

  • Perfect for those with some Balboa experience wishing to progress to the next level
  • A useful refresher for those returning to Balboa after a prolonged break
  • An opportunity for more experienced Balboa dancers to improve their underlying technique

Outline Schedule (provisional)


Check-in at the hotel is from 3pm, but you are welcome to arrive before this and chat to other early arrivals in the hotel bar

We will be checking people in to the weekend from about 2pm.

The weekend will start with dinner at 6:30pm.

Friday dance

8:30 until midnight

Saturday and Sunday workshops

Classes will run between about 10am and 4:30 

Saturday Dance

8:30 until midnight

Sunday Farewell Dance

The weekend will end with a farewell dance from around 4:45 until 6pm